Plan B Burger Bar In Milford Premieres Bacon Week Menu In Celebration Of Its One Year Anniversary

Plan B Burger Bar in Milford

celebrates its one year anniversary from Monday, September 10th to Sunday, September 16th

with a special Bacon Week Menu (click on photos to enlarge).

While we waited the first night for a table in the reception area,

we studied the (mostly bacon-themed) specials,

the draft beer list,

and the brews for two posted there.

We were seated at a high table in the bar area where hustling waitresses were just a blur (see right corner and near left corner).

Our own friendly waitress soon materialized.

Chef John Brennan came out and introduced himself, and introduced his special bacon menu to us.

While we waited for our bacon-themed drinks, we studied the regular menu

and the Happy Hour specials.

The drinks proved to be wonderful. I had the Ravenous Hog, which included bacon-infused Bourbon, maple/vanilla bean simple syrup, orange bitters and lemon rind garnished with a Bourbon candied bacon stick.

Bob had the Bacon Bourbon Apple Cider Fizz, which featured bacon-infused Bourbon, apple cider, ginger ale and fresh lemon juice and was garnished with a Bourbon candied bacon stick and an apple wheel.

John had the Bacon Blackberry Bandit, which was made with bacon-infused Bourbon, muddled fresh blackberries, honey simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate juice and chocolate mole bitters garnished with a candied bacon-rimmed glass and a fresh blackberry.

Our first starter was the Bucket of Bacon, and we loved it. Granted, it might be too much for one person and should probably be shared. Numerous pieces of bacon were accompanied by three bacon-infused dipping sauces, which from left to right were a bacon Bourbon chocolate sauce, a bacon aïoli and a bacon jalapeño cheese sauce.

There was also a robust Bacon Chowder topped with plenty of grated cheese.

This was followed by a scrumptious Swine Salad, which included organic mixed greens and baby spinach tossed in a Bourbon bacon vinaigrette. Served in a bacon bowl, it was topped with lardons of bacon, diced red onion, grape tomatoes, Bourbon-soaked red grapes, green beans, crumbled blue cheese and hard-boiled egg.

The next dish was truly over the top, the Divine Swine, a.k.a. the Drop Dead Burger, the latter being the more apt name for this 100% ground bacon burger topped with thick-sliced chicken-fried bacon, bacon aïoli, Bourbon bacon red onion jam, and a fried egg, all of it sandwiched between a grilled cheese sandwich.

But we’d had so much bacon (no one is really suggesting one should order the entire bacon menu), we needed a break from it. Our bacon-infused cocktails exhausted, we ordered three different beers from Plan B’s draft list.

and toasted our good fortune at getting to have this cool dining experience.

We ordered a (bacon-free) 3 Shrooms Burger with sautéed mushrooms, portobello spread, truffle mayo and Swiss cheese,

a beautiful burger

which as you can see was cooked the requested pink

along with accompanying fries.

Burgers come “pink” or “no pink,” like Plan B’s humorously named bathrooms.

We also ordered a delightful (bacon free) chop salad.

And finally, it was time for a little dessert. The bacon cotton candy didn’t win any real fans among us,

but we really liked the bacon candy bars (even if I can’t tell them apart now from their pictures).

I believe that this chocolate was the one with homemade nougat, Bourbon-candied pecans, caramel and Bourbon-candied bacon.

However, I’m only guessing which was the chocolate with Bourbon-candied bacon and peanut butter

and which was the one with Bourbon-candied bacon and praline.

From what I could see, the special Bacon Week menu was doing very well. The restaurant was plenty busy—remember, we had a brief wait even on a Monday night. The mood in the bar area where we were seated seemed to range from happy to outright celebratory.

Plan B Burger Bar, 1638 Boston Post Road, Milford, 203-713-8700,

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