India Palace Restaurant In New Haven Offers A Special Dinner For Two For Just $37.95

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One night last week, I had a craving for Indian food. I wanted variety without spending a fortune; in other words, a buffet. Unfortunately, most Indian restaurants restrict their buffets to lunch time, which doesn’t really appeal to me because I’m not one who likes a big lunch.

But India Palace Restaurant in New Haven,

as attractive inside as out,

has a pretty good solution to the dinner buffet quandary. It offers a special dinner for two for just $37.95, which means dinner cost us $18 apiece.

So what was included in our dinner? We began with the standard complimentary (and complementary) pappadam

and trio of condiments.

Close up, they include onion chutney,

mint chutney,

and tamarind sauce.

But save your appetite! Our dinner included two bowls of dal soup,

two pieces of tandoori chicken,

choice of vegetarian entrée (we picked paneer makhani, or homemade cheese cooked with tomatoes, cream, butter, spices and peas),

choice of meat entrée (we picked rogan josh, or boneless pieces of lamb cooked with onion, curry, yogurt and spices),

basmati rice,


coffee, or in our case, tea,

and choice of rice pudding

or gulab jamun for dessert.

At the end of this feast, we were stuffed, our need for variety sated. The happy and diverse crowd seemed to be as into its food as we were.

India Palace Restaurant, 65 Howe Street, New Haven, 860-776-9010,

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