C.J. Sparrow In Cheshire Is More Than Just A Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name

C.J. Sparrow Pub & Eatery on the main drag in Cheshire has become one of my go-to places for good, reasonably priced food in a casual atmosphere. But first, I often like to get in a little exercise, and the short steep path to Roaring Brook Falls provides a nice workout.

Cheshire has a nice rural quality. I spotted this deer (and it spotted me) behind the McDonald’s on South Main Street.

C.J. Sparrow is most easily spotted by its proximity to Rose Dairy (home of the Butch burger and good soft-serve ice cream) on South Main Street.

C.J. Sparrow has a couple of parking spaces in front, but patrons are encouraged to park in the rear so the neighboring businesses are not disadvantaged.

I like the booth seating along the side wall,

but C.J. Sparrow’s diverse clientele also likes to dine at the stand-alone tables or the bar.

I frequently visit on Fridays, when there are musical acts like these.

I also spend more time in the bathroom than I should, because I get a kick out of this humorous poster titled “Proverbidioms.” This artwork illustrates dozens of sayings, like “throwing the baby out with the bath water” (double click to enlarge photo, and then see right dormer of left house).

The staff is very friendly, the restaurant’s motto being that “the customer always comes first” (even if I can’t resist observing that the same motto could be adopted by more intimate sectors of the service industry as well).

Stephanie Ketter, one of C.J. Sparrow’s owners, is a buddy as well as a babe.

But the real reason my friend and I come to C.J. Sparrow is the reasonably priced beer and good food, not necessarily in that order. Saltines served with a Cheddar cheese and horseradish dip help hold appetites in check until the food arrived.

During our last couple of visits, my friend and I enjoyed a bowl of a lovely lobster bisque big enough to share,

a pile of crunchy, moist wings in barbecue sauce,

a great bacon, Swiss cheese and mushroom burger with French fries and a pickle spear for just a ten-spot,

an ahi tuna burger to die for accompanied by sweet potato fries,

and a spectacular hanger steak with mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables.

Usually, we’re too full for C.J. Sparrow’s appetizers or housemade desserts, but on one occasion we managed to try delicious slices of cheese cake

and chocolate cream pie.

There was a time you had to go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant to find great food like this. Now you can have it in a Cheshire pub called C.J. Sparrow where everyone knows your name.

C.J. Sparrow Pub & Eatery, 908 South Main Street, Cheshire, 203-272-8204

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  1. Ledfoot says:

    Friendly, comfortable, no trouble, good people, pleasently surprisingly good food and no trouble. No trouble! Nice welcoming place. Always feel like family when I come here.

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