The Popular Toasted Food Truck Gets A Stationary Location In Hartford


Do you love the sandwiches made by the Toasted food truck but find it challenging to track it down at various events? Then you’re in luck, because Toasted now has a stationary location in our busy Capital City just across and down the street from Max Downtown. Its store is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Haven’t gotten around to trying Toasted, and you’re wondering what’s to love? Plenty! Khen and Debra Raviv, who once owned Middle Eastern restaurant Mediza in West Hartford, have come up with a terrific concept. Their sandwiches are made on long light little loaves of bread (not subs, exactly) baked to spec by Mozzicato’s Bakery in Hartford. Whole wheat and gluten-free are also available. The ingredients filling their sandwiches are top-notch and lack the additives and preservatives that give most sandwiches an icky finish. The sandwiches are toasted—hence the name—and condomized in elongated bags that make them easy to consume without making a mess. Finally, someone has come up with the perfect sandwich to eat while driving! (You know I’m kidding, right?)

Toasted is almost, but not entirely, about sandwiches, which have fanciful names like Garden of Eden, Raise the Caliber and Helen of Troy. But there are also nice smoothies, good chili and soups, and even sweet toasts—dessert sandwiches like my s’mores with Nutella and marshmallow.

Yes, there are plenty of secondary reasons to like Toasted but, as a former President might have said: It’s the sandwiches, stupid.

THE VERDICT: Toasted in Hartford is a great affordable alternative to the usual downtown fare.

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CONTACT INFO: Toasted, 188 Asylum Street, Hartford; 1-855-55-TOAST;

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