Café D’Azur Mediterranean Bistro & Crêperie In Darien Packs Two Cuisines Under One Roof

One rainy evening in May, my wife and I met up with friends to try out new Café D’Azur Mediterranean Bistro & Crêperie in downtown Darien.

Café D’Azur is the newest venture of Myrna Yannieh, a restaurateur of Lebanese extraction already beloved for Myrna’s Mediterranean Bistro in Stamford. Café D’Azur packed two cuisines—Lebanese and French—under one roof, with a little representation from countries like Italy, Spain and Greece.

The restaurant was modest in size and quite attractive,

with artwork that reflected its Gallic leanings.

Everyone seemed to be having as much fun as we were.

There was a small dining area in the back.

And, as I discovered, there was public parking in back as well.

Myrna wasn’t on the premises that evening, but her charming husband was.

This attractive staff member saw to our wine needs.

Our server also took great care of us.

The bread brought to us reflected the restaurant’s split culinary personality,

but was served with good olive oil.

For our appetizers, we delighted in Middle Eastern hummus,

baba ghannouj,

and falafel

with tahini sauce.

We smacked our lips over classic French escargots,

sardines on toast,

and a frisée salad.

Our entrées were next. From the Middle Eastern side of the menu, we savored lamb kebabs.

From the European side of the menu, we relished scallops,



veal Milanese

and beef bourguignon.

And what an assortment of desserts we feasted upon! There was katayef ashta,

apple tart,

crème brûlée,

a banana and Nutella crêpe,

crêpe Suzette,

as well as this complex and amazing treat.

At the end of the meal, the chef came out for a photograph.

No wonder my lovely wife was all smiles.

Café D’Azur, 980 Post Road, Darien, 203-202-9520

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