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Still River Café, Eastford

5 Stars… Extraordinary

Still River Café Runs Deep

One of Connecticut’s most intriguing, and cutting-edge, restaurants is Still River Café, located improbably in the town of Eastford. Frankly, I sometimes wonder how this restaurant survives its isolated location. From any significant city, it’s a substantial trip (it’s just 15 minutes from Storrs). But the fact that Still River Café not only survives but thrives is a tribute to the extraordinary dining experience it provides. Although I live more than an hour away from the restaurant, I have made the trek three times, and undoubtedly will do so again.Continue Reading

Harry’s Bishop’s Corner, West Hartford

Harry’s Bishop’s Corner cuisine: New Haven-style Pizza pizzas: $9.25 – $23 address: 732 North Main Street, West Hartford phone: (860) 236-0400 credit cards: All major 4 1/2 Stars… Special When Harry’s Met Sally’s: A Paean to New Haven-Style Pizza One of the best relationship movies ever made was When Harry Met Sally, which featured BillyContinue Reading

Grants, West Hartford

Grants cuisine: Contemporary American entrées: $18 – $32 address: 977 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford phone: (860) 236-1930 credit cards: All major 5 Stars… Extraordinary Publisher’s Forward Bob DeZinno This is the first time I have piped in before one of our site’s expertly written restaurant reviews; I might again, I might not. isContinue Reading